MMRS requires a Security Contact Maintenance Form to be on file for the listed applications utilized by the agency, university, or community college prior to accepting requests to set up individual user application security via the appropriate security forms. The form also includes a reference to the DFA Policy for Treatment of Social Security Numbers (SSNs) and a reference to the agency’s responsibilities regarding software licenses and connectivity for MERLIN analyst users.

Security Information
  • Contact the MMRS Call Center at if you are having logon issues. Please only leave one message and an analyst will contact you as soon as possible.
  • A new contact maintenance form must be submitted to MMRS when a new agency executive director or new university or community college purchasing director takes office.
  • Phishing Awareness Notification
Security Information By Application

User security for ACE is automatically set up for any employee or contract worker hired by an agency that pays staff through the Statewide Payroll and Human Resource System (SPAHRS). New users will receive their User Id and Password information via the U.S. Postal Service within a month of being hired.

Each agency can designate someone in their Payroll or Human Resources office to be the ACE administrator for their agency. An agency's ACE administrator will have access to the electronic pay stub information for all agency employees and can assist them in printing this information.

Employee Central / Human Resource
MERLIN - User Types
  • User - The user may view detail and summary data and has the ability to use standard reports or create ad hoc reports via the Internet.
  • Analyst User - The user may view detail and summary data and has the ability to use/modify standard reports or create ad hoc reports. The analyst user requires the purchase of a license for Cognos Impromptu User software. Analyst users are automatically provided with access.
  • MERLIN Security Group Definitions
  • On-line Security Access Request

MMRS Applications