The Office of Personal Services Contract Review (OPSCR) plays an integral role in how personal and professional services are procured for the State of Mississippi. The Mississippi State Legislature established and charged the Public Procurement Review Board (PPRB) in statute with promulgating rules and regulations to ensure that quality contract personal and professional services are procured at reasonable prices, with terms that are favorable to the State, with limited risk of liability. PPRB approves personal and professional service contracts involving the expenditure of funds in excess of seventy-five thousand dollars ($75,000.00) as well as provides assistance to agencies regarding personal and professional service procurements.

The PPRB is responsible for adopting regulations for the issuance of solicitations and the award of certain personal and professional service contracts. Its regulations address consideration of costs and quality of services proposed, contract procurement, evaluation and intent-to-award, contract negotiations, contract administration, necessary steps to terminate a contract, emergency and sole-source contracts, etc. DFA OPSCR provides all administrative support to the PPRB in relation to personal and professional services.