The Office of State Property Insurance is responsible for procuring and administering the property insurance, FEMA National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) flood insurance, and other ancillary insurance policies consisting of fine arts, equipment breakdown, boiler and machinery, broadcasters and mobile equipment, terrorism, and cyber liability insurance for all state-owned, non-IHL properties.

The Office works with domestic and international insurance markets to provide comprehensive layered insurance programs for building and personal property/contents of state agencies and departments. The Office coordinates all working property claims, working with individual agencies, the Bureau of Building, commercial adjusters, consultants, and insurers to bring about expedient and efficient claims processes.

The Office orchestrates the FEMA Public Assistance program associated with national and state emergencies, and partners with MEMA to provide federal assistance for applicable declared emergency events. The Office controls the management and documentation of all state-owned properties within the Statement of Values. The Office serves as the State Floodplain Manager and maintains the State of MS Floodplain Regulations Manual.  The Office manages the FEMA NFIP flood insurance program for all state-owned properties, including IHL, that is located within FEMA Special Flood Hazard Areas.