Ricky Flynt, Executive Director

The Mississippi Outdoor Stewardship Act (House Bill 606, 2022 Regular Session) was passed to establish a funding mechanism to encourage investment in outdoor recreation and conservation projects to state agencies with responsibilities therefor, and to expand the availability of these projects to counties, municipalities and nongovernmental entities, as defined by the Act.

The Act established the Outdoor Stewardship Trust Fund, from which the Board of Trustees may disburse monies to qualifying counties, municipalities, state agencies and nongovernmental entities. Monies from the Fund may only be used and expended for the following:

  1. Improvement of state park outdoor recreation features and trails;
  2. Acquisition and improvement of parks and trails by counties and municipalities, if such parks and trails lie within the jurisdiction of such counties and municipalities;
  3. Restoration or enhancement projects to create or improve access to public waters and lands for public outdoor recreation, conservation education, or the safe use and enjoyment of permanently protected conservation land;
  4. Restoration or enhancement on privately owned working agricultural lands and forests that support conservation of soil, water, habitat of fish and wildlife resources;
  5. Restoration or enhancement of wetlands, native forests, native grasslands and other unique habitats important for Mississippi's fish and wildlife; and
  6. Acquisition of critical areas for the provision or protection of clean water, wildlife, hunting, fishing, military installation buffering or natural resource-based outdoor recreation.

Notice: As mentioned in House Bill 606, Outdoor Stewardship Trust funding is NOT applicable for land acquisitions until July 1, 2024.

Ricky Flynt
Executive Director
Phone: (601) 359-2526