20160602 MMRS Fiscal Year End Issues for MSPB and Non-MSPB Agencies
20150520 SAAS Payroll Tables Moving to SPAHRS - Memo to Agencies 
20150422 SPAHRS Time Reporting Summary 
20150409 Deductions for Child Support Payments and Arrearages 
20121009 Maintain Eligibility Sequence Screen - New Format
20110414 2011 FICA Adjustments for 4.2% 
20101223 SSA FICA Changes 
20101112 Payroll Savings Bond Deduction Changes 
20101110 Repeal of Advanced EIC Payments 
20090415 HB681 Retiree Contracts Over $20,000 Agency Memo 
20090504 Contract Worker Payment Requirement via Direct Deposit 
20090107 SPAHRS Electronic Enrollment SSN Requirement Notice 
20090105 Travel Payroll Reports to FMVIEW Memo 
20090105 Treatment of SSNs Memo to Agencies