20180516 DFA User Group Meeting Announcement- Revised 
20151123 November 30, 2015 Payroll Early Pick Up
20141114 FY 2015 Billing 
20140221 Child Support Remittance Change Memo 
20130910 ms.gov Common Checkout Solution Enhancement Memo 
20130617 Creation of Public Meeting Notice (PMN) Website 
20121102 Rehiring Retired Employees - Updated Information 
20120615 2012 MMRS Users' Group Meeting Data Collection Process 
20120319 MMRS Plan for Information Release to Agencies During Crisis Situations 
20120118 Access to State of Mississippi FFIS Subscription 
20110714 Payment Services Migration from VitalChek to MSI's TPE 
20111027 Advanced Earned Income Credit Tax to be Expired 
20101122 MS Department of Human Services New Hire Reporting Directory 
20101208 Internal Control Assessments and Certification 
20100603 MMRS Plan for Information Releases in Crisis Situations 
20100615 MS Gulf Coast Oil Spill Additional Instructions 
20100609 MS Gulf Coast Oil Spill Reporting Instructions 
20100621 Survey - Mail/Print/Copy/Imaging Services
20100621 Shared Services Survey - Mail Print Copy Image
20080829 OMB Federal Financial Report Notice
20080421 FMVIEW Supplemental Payroll Reports 
20071102 WebProcure Rollout Memo