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MMRS archives memos and other information on the MMRS website for one year. If you are unable to locate the information you are looking for, please contact the MMRS Call Center at 601-359-1343 or via email at for assistance.

Budget Requests

Budget Requests
20150727 FY2015 Semi-Annual Report on Program Budget 
20150702 MMRS Costs to be Included in FY2017 Budget Requests 
20150608 Closing FY2015 and Opening FY2016 Procedures Memo 
20150608 Closing FY2015 and Opening FY2016 Procedures Memo Deadlines
20150608 MMRS Fiscal Year-End Issues for SPB and Non-SPB Agencies
20140703 MMRS Costs to be Included in FY2016 Budget Requests 
20130701 MMRS Costs to be Included in FY2015 Budget Requests 
20120709 FY2012 Closeout on Program Budgeting Data / FY2013 Setup on Program Data 
20120525 MMRS and SAAS Costs to be Included in FY2014 Budget Requests 
20100611 MMRS and SAAS Costs to Be Included in FY2012 Budget Requests
20090804 MMRS and SAAS Costs to be included in FY2011 Budget Requests 
20080709 MMRS Costs to Be Included in FY2010 Budget Requests Memo



20120814 Credit Card Portal Change Notification 
20110323 Changes to MS.GOV Portal Payment Services 
20100809 Proposed Admin Rule Change -- Payment by Credit Card, Charge Card, Debit Cards or other forms of Electronic Payment of Amounts Owed to State Agencies 
20090715 PCI Instructions for Use Memo DFA 
20090622 Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliance Audit Services Memo 
20090619 E-Invoice/E-Payment Contract Language - Clarifications 
20090504 E-Invoice E-Payment Contract Language 
20071023 Payment Processor Update
20071219 Agency Portal e-Payments Update Meeting Handout 
20071219 Agency Portal e-Payments Update Meeting Minutes



20161215 Memo for Grant Edit for 5* Series Funds
20160429 FY17 MAGIC Budget Class and Workshops
20160113 MAGIC Purchase Order and Contract Support Workshops
20150604 MAGIC Information Area
20140707 MAGIC Support Center Memo 
20140425 MMRS MAGIC Users' Group Meeting Notice 
20131006 MAGIC Message - Special Edition - October 2013 
20130904 MAGIC Message Special Edition 
20110823 MAGIC Kick-Off Meeting Presentation 
20090617 MAGIC and ARRA PowerPoint Presentation (Risky Business!)
MAGIC eLearning Online Course Instructions 
MAGIC Class Registration Instructions
MAGIC Training Materials for Overview and Hands-On Classes Printing Instructions
MAGIC Training Location Details and Parking Information  



20180516 DFA User Group Meeting Announcement- Revised 
20151123 November 30, 2015 Payroll Early Pick Up
20141114 FY 2015 Billing 
20140221 Child Support Remittance Change Memo 
20130910 Common Checkout Solution Enhancement Memo 
20130617 Creation of Public Meeting Notice (PMN) Website 
20121102 Rehiring Retired Employees - Updated Information 
20120615 2012 MMRS Users' Group Meeting Data Collection Process 
20120319 MMRS Plan for Information Release to Agencies During Crisis Situations 
20120118 Access to State of Mississippi FFIS Subscription 
20110714 Payment Services Migration from VitalChek to MSI's TPE 
20111027 Advanced Earned Income Credit Tax to be Expired 
20101122 MS Department of Human Services New Hire Reporting Directory 
20101208 Internal Control Assessments and Certification 
20100603 MMRS Plan for Information Releases in Crisis Situations 
20100615 MS Gulf Coast Oil Spill Additional Instructions 
20100609 MS Gulf Coast Oil Spill Reporting Instructions 
20100621 Survey - Mail/Print/Copy/Imaging Services
20100621 Shared Services Survey - Mail Print Copy Image
20080829 OMB Federal Financial Report Notice
20080421 FMVIEW Supplemental Payroll Reports 
20071102 WebProcure Rollout Memo



20150727 Semi-Annual Report on Program Budget 
20150210 Semi-Annual Report on Program Budget 
20140709 FY2014 Closeout on Program Budgeting Data 
20140108 Semi-Annual Report on Program Budget Data 
20130710 FY2013 Closeout and FY2014 Setup for Program Budgeting Data 
20121220 Semi Annual Report on Program Budget Data 
20110815 Independent Contracts Tied to Object Code 61690 
20110713 July 2011 Performance Measurement-Semi-Annual Report on Program Data 
20110104 FY2011 Semi-Annual Report on Program Budget Data 
20101001 1099 Report Available on FMVIEW 
20100610 Privacy Flag Cash Receipts Journal Vouchers 
20090714 FY2009 Close Out and FY2010 Setup for Program Budgeting Data 
20090504 E-Invoice/E-Payment Contract Language
20081229 Mandatory E-Payments 90-day Requirement Reinstated 
20081016 Vendor Payment Requirements 
20080924 Rollout of PayMode e-Invoice Module 
20081223 SAAS Vendor File Layouts Memo 
20080103 FY2008 Semi-Annual Report on Program Data



20160602 MMRS Fiscal Year End Issues for MSPB and Non-MSPB Agencies
20150520 SAAS Payroll Tables Moving to SPAHRS - Memo to Agencies 
20150422 SPAHRS Time Reporting Summary 
20150409 Deductions for Child Support Payments and Arrearages 
20121009 Maintain Eligibility Sequence Screen - New Format
20110414 2011 FICA Adjustments for 4.2% 
20101223 SSA FICA Changes 
20101112 Payroll Savings Bond Deduction Changes 
20101110 Repeal of Advanced EIC Payments 
20090415 HB681 Retiree Contracts Over $20,000 Agency Memo 
20090504 Contract Worker Payment Requirement via Direct Deposit 
20090107 SPAHRS Electronic Enrollment SSN Requirement Notice 
20090105 Travel Payroll Reports to FMVIEW Memo 
20090105 Treatment of SSNs Memo to Agencies



20120828 SAAS/SPAHRS Instructions Related to Tropical Storm Isaac Transactions 
20121009 Official Travel Voucher Summary - New Format 
20101015 Deepwater Horizon Claims - Record Retention 
20100707 Mandatory Electronic Payment of Vendors and Electronic Invoicing by Vendors 
20090115 Notice of Permanent Change in SAAS and SPAHRS Week-end Availability 
20080828 SAAS and SPAHRS Instructions Related to Hurricane Gustav Transactions Memo 
20091125 Procedure Change for Submission of "On Request" Jobs


Transparency Act

Transparency Act
20111020 Transparency Mississippi Website and Confidential Information 
20110803 Transparency Revisions Memo Revised 
20110608 Transparency Revisions in Support of SB 2554, ARRA, MATA and SB 2923 
20101025 Prevention of Disclosure by State Agencies of SSNs to Public Web Sites 
20100608 Transparency Mississippi Memo 
20080410 HB101 (MATA) Implementation Approach 
20080606 HB101 (MATA) Email Response from BFC 
20080619 HB101 (MATA) SAAS Agencies Interface Processing
20080620 HB101 (MATA) Implementation Approach 
20080708 HB101 (MATA) Implementation Update