MAGIC Training

The concern most often expressed by state employees who will use MAGIC for their primary job functions is: "When and How will I be trained?" Training is a major component of the MAGIC Project. The curriculum for Phase I MAGIC training consists of over 35 courses that cover the full functionality of the system.

MAGIC training will be role based. "Role based training" means that persons are enrolled in courses based upon their specific job responsibilities. Each person will have a customized training track consisting of the courses needed to do his or her job. With a training population this large, the training schedule will be complex and will require multiple iterations, each one needing agency input.

MAGIC training will use the "train the trainer" approach. The SuperUser Network has been established to prepare state employees who are experts in the State's current legacy systems to conduct MAGIC End User Training.

The MAGIC Project Team has established the following goals for MAGIC training:

  • Just-in-time instructor led training for all end users whose primary job functions happen within the MAGIC system
  • Web-based training support for end users who access MAGIC for only limited and specific purposes (e.g. entering a purchase requisition)
  • Training classes conducted at a suitable location within reasonable geographical promixity of the employee's worksite
  • Class sessions comprised of staff members from multiple agencies who will use a specific set of processes in MAGIC



MAGIC Training Course Evaluation

MAGIC Training Course Evaluation

If you have attended an overview or hands-on MAGIC Training class and need to complete the evaluation, please click the link below: MAGIC Training Course Evaluation.

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