MAGIC Technical Requirements

MAGIC is comprised of multiple components that are accessed through the MAGIC Portal:

  • ECC - Enterprise Central Component *
  • CRM - Customer Relationship Management
  • SRM - Supplier Relationship Management
  • SUS/ROS - Supplier Self-Service/Registration of Suppliers
  • BA - Business Analytics

* - While most users will access MAGIC via WebGUI, a small subset of ECC users will require installation of SAPGUI on their workstations.  

MAGIC Technical Requirements provide agencies the specific technical requirements for computers, laptops, browsers, operating systems, printers, and other software for Phase I of MAGIC. This information is provided separately for WebGUI and SAPGUI access for both Windows and Non-Windows machines.


MAGIC Technical Requirements

For instructions on checking the Java version installed on your Windows computer, click on the following link: Checking Java Version for MAGIC Requirements.

For important information on how to print in MAGIC, click on the following link: MAGIC Printing Information.