MAGIC Logistics (LO)

LO Purchasing and Catalogs


MAGIC’s Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) module offers e-procurement to buyers and suppliers for the entire procure-to-pay lifecycle. Users of the system can create Purchase Requisitions (Shopping Carts) to initiate the purchasing process or can create a Purchase Order.

The SRM system is integrated with the Finance module to offer real-time budget checks. Funds are pre-encumbered when a Shopping Cart, with proper account assignment information, is approved. The Purchase Order is created from the approved Shopping Cart. After the Purchase Order is approved, the pre-encumbrance is released and the encumbrance is created.

MAGIC provides for the following types of Purchase Orders:

  • General Purchase Order 
  • Sole Source Purchase Order 
  • Emergency Purchase Order 
  • Catastrophic Purchase Order



MAGIC will provide round trip (punch-out to vendor's website) and internal catalogs in SRM for many of the statewide contracts. Catalogs can be used to view and select products when creating a shopping cart or purchase order in SRM. Catalogs are available for non-MAGIC users via the Statewide Contract web page.