MAGIC Logistics (LO)

LO Contracts

Statewide and agency contacts are managed in the Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) module in MAGIC. Management of contracts includes creation, termination, and amendments. Contract workflow processes will include agency and oversight approvals.

The MAGIC Contract module provides the reporting information required to meet the Mississippi Accountability and Transparency Act of 2008 (MATA), SB2923 (2009 Regular Legislative Session), SB3166 (2010 Regular Legislative Session), and the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (Stimulus).

Contracts managed within MAGIC include:

  • Statewide Contracts for Commodities 
  • Statewide Service Contracts 
  • Statewide IT/EPL Contracts 
  • Service Contracts with Independent Contractors 
  • Legal Contracts 
  • Property Leases 
  • P1s (Authority to Purchase for commodities) 
  • CP1s (Authority to Purchase for information technology) 
Converted Contract Information 
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