FIGM System Documentation

Budget Upload (Lump Sum)
Upload Instructions  
Upload Spreadsheet 
How to See Your Z1 and Z2 Budget 
Business Areas
Business Area Listings 
Document Types
MAGIC Document Type Listing 
MAGIC Transactions (T-Codes) Reference
MAGIC Transactions (T-Codes) Reference Document 
MAGIC to SAAS Translations 
MAGIC to SPAHRS Interface
Introduction to SPAHRS Interface Process 
Agency Guide for SPAHRS Interface 
SPAHRS to MAGIC Interface Reports 
Agency Crosswalk Post GoLive Instructions 
Agency Crosswalk Maintenance Spreadsheet 
Financial Reports
Net Cash Report 
Budget vs Actual Reporting

Standard Financial Inbound Interface (SFII)

Note: Document Type information needed for the SFII can be found under "Workflow" below.  
MAGIC Standard Financial Inbound Interface (SFII) Overview 
SFII Template and Documentation 
MAGIC FTP Process 
Financial Attachment Upload FTP Instructions 
Financial Attachment Upload Template
Mass Change of Fixed Assets
Asset Update Template 

Mass Change of Fixed Assets - FTP Upload Instructions 


Functional Areas

Functional Area Master Data Spreadsheet 
Functional Area - SAAS Appropriation Unit Order 
Functional Area - SAAS Agency Order 
Functional Area - MAGIC Order 
Fund Master Data 
Additional Information
5 Year Old Warrants Maintenance Form 
Agency Budget Communication 
Viewing Parked Documents 
Workflow Routing of Approvals 

Workflow Final Agency Approver Request Form 

Project Settlement
Unplanned Depreciation Calculator
Project Settlement with Prior Fiscal Year Depreciation Job Aid