MAGIC Finance and Grants Management (FIGM)


Finance and Grants Management (FIGM) functionality is included in Phase I of MAGIC's implementation.

MAGIC's Finance and Grants Management functionality will be met with two software components -- Enterprise Core Component (ECC) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

The following areas of Finance and Grants Management will be met with the ECC Component:

  • Finance (FI): External Accounting
  • Cost Controlling (CO): Internal Accounting
  • Funds Management (FM): Budgetary Accounting
  • Grants Management (GM): Grant Accounting 
  • Grants Management is comprised of two different areas -- Grantee and Grantor. "Grantee" is the role the State Agency fills when it is the recipient of grant funding. "Grantor" is the role the State Agency fills when it is the granting agency of funding to private individuals, organizations or sub-recipients.
  • Grantor functionality will be met with CRM software.


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FIGM System Documentation

FIGM System Documentation

Budget Upload (Lump Sum)
Upload Instructions  
Upload Spreadsheet 
How to See Your Z1 and Z2 Budget 
Business Areas
Business Area Listings 
Document Types
MAGIC Document Type Listing 
MAGIC Transactions (T-Codes) Reference
MAGIC Transactions (T-Codes) Reference Document 
MAGIC to SAAS Translations 
MAGIC to SPAHRS Interface
Introduction to SPAHRS Interface Process 
Agency Guide for SPAHRS Interface 
SPAHRS to MAGIC Interface Reports 
Agency Crosswalk Post GoLive Instructions 
Agency Crosswalk Maintenance Spreadsheet 
Financial Reports
Net Cash Report 
Budget vs Actual Reporting

Standard Financial Inbound Interface (SFII)

Note: Document Type information needed for the SFII can be found under "Workflow" below.  
MAGIC Standard Financial Inbound Interface (SFII) Overview 
SFII Template and Documentation 
MAGIC FTP Process 
Financial Attachment Upload FTP Instructions 
Financial Attachment Upload Template
Mass Change of Fixed Assets
Asset Update Template 

Mass Change of Fixed Assets - FTP Upload Instructions 


Functional Areas

Functional Area Master Data Spreadsheet 
Functional Area - SAAS Appropriation Unit Order 
Functional Area - SAAS Agency Order 
Functional Area - MAGIC Order 
Fund Master Data 
Additional Information
5 Year Old Warrants Maintenance Form 
Agency Budget Communication 
Viewing Parked Documents 
Workflow Routing of Approvals 

Workflow Final Agency Approver Request Form 

Project Settlement
Unplanned Depreciation Calculator
Project Settlement with Prior Fiscal Year Depreciation Job Aid


FIGM Business Process Flowcharts

FIGM Business Process Flowcharts

The Business Process Flowchart (BPF) is a graphical representation of how the process will be completed after MAGIC Go-Live.  The flowchart documents the steps or activities involved in the process, from the agency end user’s point of view. The Process Flowchart “Swim Lane” refers to the specific format of the flowchart that groups steps and activities according to the roles and/or organizational areas involved in the process.  Each “lane” of the diagram shows the responsibilities of a particular security role, organizational area, or controlling agency in completing the process. 

Most processes in MAGIC involve multiple security roles, organizational areas, and often multiple agencies to complete.  The Process Flow diagrams depict the connections, communications, and hand-offs between individuals, departments, and agencies and can help users visualize the participants, stages, decisions, inputs, and outputs of the process. 

How to Read a Business Process Flowchart
Agency Readiness Worksheet Business Process Flows 
Business Process Workflows

Accounts Payable 

CM1 - Strategic Sourcing - RFx to Award_BP_LOG

AP1 - Procure-to-Goods Receipt with Contract and without Contract BP_LO

AP2 - Goods Service Receipt to Pay by PayMode BP_AP

AP3 - Goods Service Receipt to Pay by Non-PayMode BP_AP

AP4 - Accounts Payable Direct Invoicing BP_AP

AP5 - Pre-Payment Waivers BP_AP

AP6 - Lapse Waiver Processing BP_AP

AP7 - Processing Payroll from MAGIC

AP8 - Processing Travel
AP9 - Contract Adjustment Payments

Accounts Receivable 

AR1 - Adjustment for Incorrect AR Revenue Posting
AR2 - Customer Invoicing Process for External Entities in AR
AR3 - Refunds for Customers   

Fixed Assets 

FA1 - Asset Acquisition to Capitalization BP_LO
FA2 - Asset Internal Transfer BP_AA
FA3 - Asset Disposal BP_AA
FA4 - Asset Acquisitions without PO or for Lapse BP_AA

General Ledger 

GL1 - Cash Receipts for Non-Invoiced Items BP_G



GL2 - Refunds for Customers (changed to AR - 3 Refunds for Customers)


GL3 - Revenue Distribution Transfer BP_GL


GL4 - Transfer of Funds - Intra-Agency BP_GL


GL5 - Adjustment for Incorrect GL Revenue Posting BP_GL 


GL6 - Adjustments for Incorrect GL Revenue Posting - Non-Invoiced Receipts BP_GL 


GL7 - Agency Reclassification Posting BP_GL 

Grantee Management 

GE1 - Grant Internal Order Process BP_CO


GE2 - Grantee Lifecycle BP_GM

GE3 - Grantee Lifecycle - Pass through Grants BP_GM 

GE4 - Grant Receivables and Indirect Cost Calculation BP_GM  
IDC - Grant Billing with Indirect Cost Business Process Flows

Grantor Management 

GR1 - Grantor Lifecycle 1 Registration BP_GM  
GR2 - Grantor Lifecycle 2 Setup BP_GM 
GR3 - Grantor Lifecycle 3 Application and Agreement BP_GM 
GR4 - Grantor Lifecycle 4 Claims BP_GM 
GR5 - Grantor Lifecycle 5 Change Request BP_GM

Inter-Agency Billing 

SD1 - External Invoice through Sales and Distribution 
SD2 - Inter-Agency Invoice through Sales and Distribution 
SD3 - Sales and Distribution - Master Data Maintenance 
CO1 - Cost Allocations

Manage and Control Budget 

B1 - Original Budget Entry at State or Agency Level BP_FM
B2 - Budget Transfer, Supplement or Return BP_FM

B3 - Funds reservation BP_FM 



MAGIC'S Grants Management

MAGIC'S e-Grants Portal

Grants Management for Agencies

 MAGIC'S e-Grants Portal


MAGIC will be unavailable the following dates/times for system maintenance. - Posted 12/02/2021

  • Wednesday, December 8 from 5:00 – 7:00 PM
  • Saturday, December 11 from 7:00 AM – 10:00 PM


"e-Grants" is MAGIC's Grants Management access portal.  The e-Grants Work Center is the central location in MAGIC for administering and managing the grant process. MAGIC's e-Grant functionality is used by individuals, organizations, and other governmental entities that apply for grant funding from state government agencies in Mississippi.

"Grantor" is the role the State Agency fills when it is the granting agency of funding to private individuals, organizations, or sub-recipients. "Grantee", Applicant", and "Sub-recipient" are terms used for entities applying for and receiving grant funding from a state agency in Mississippi.

The component of MAGIC that provides Grantor functionality for Grants Management is Customer Relationship Management (CRM). CRM encompasses all aspects of Grantor Program Management: Applications, Claims, Agreements, and Change Requests.


Please see the Phishing Awareness Notification - Posted March 5, 2019

Grants Documentation

Pass-Through Grant Billing Authorization Letter Example

Training Material for Agencies

FIN210 Grants Management: Grantee

Training Material for Grantor Agencies

FIN220 Grants Management: Grantor