MMRS Statewide Applications

ACE - Access Channel for Employees is a secure web-based system that currently hosts a number of state employee and contract worker payroll-related services. ACE is accessible through the State Portal at

BRICKS - Building and Real Estate Information Collaborative Knowledge Solution is a web-based, comprehensive software solution to manage the construction and maintenance of state owned buildings.

E-PAYMENT SERVICES - The Department of Finance and Administration has established an electronic payments infrastructure for state agencies that elect to accept payments by credit cards, charge cards, debit cards, electronic check, and other forms of electronic payment for various taxes, services, and fees collectible for agency purposes.

FMVIEW - FMVIEW is a secure mainframe-based report and print management facility for the Statewide Payroll and Human Resource System (SPAHRS). FMVIEW allows designated users to view, print, or re-print reports generated by these applications.

LSO - Learning Solution (LSO) is an internet-based training management system accessed through the MAGIC portal.  It has been designed to satisfy the requirements of the State Employee Management Training Act (§25-9-401 of the Mississippi Code) and to meet the training needs of employees, managers, and state agencies.  This system is used for scheduling instructor-led and online courses, student self-enrollment, enrollment approvals, and tracking course completions.

MAGIC - Mississippi Accountability System for Government Information and Collaboration (MAGIC) is Mississippi State Government's Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution. MAGIC is the statewide accounting and procurement system of record, encompassing Finance (accounting, budgeting, grants management), Logistics (procurement, fleet management, inventory management), and Data Warehouse functionality.


MERLIN - Mississippi Executive Resource Library and Information Network is an enterprise data warehouse of accounting (including budget, revenue, and expenditures), payroll, human resources, travel and property information prior to budget year 2015. The data warehouse allows state agencies and government officials access to decision-critical information for reporting and analysis purposes, MERLIN is both web and client-server accessible.

NEOGOV - The NEOGOV Insight system provides a streamlined process for applicant recruiting and tracking processes managed by the Mississippi State Personnel Board (MSPB). The NEOGOV Insight system will allow MSPB to create and post job openings online, as well as, track, evaluate, and refer applicants to State Agencies.

PAYMODE - The State's current processor for electronic invoicing and remittance is Bank of America. Vendors access their data through PayMode.

SPAHRS - The Statewide Payroll and Human Resource System is an integrated, mainframe-based, centrally controlled enterprise payroll and human resource system. The system provides uniformity in the application of federal and state regulations and policies.

TRANSPARENCY - The Mississippi Accountability and Transparency Act of 2008 (MATA), passed during the 2008 Regular Legislative Session, mandates the deployment of a state website providing public access to state agency expenditures beginning with BY2009.