Quality Assurance

MMRS is committed to working within a framework of quality management practices, including system controls, which promote innovative and efficient acquisition, deployment and administration of hardware and software for all applications maintained by MMRS. Quality assurance standards and practices are diligently followed by all MMRS staff and are recognized as a critical component in our ability to provide both effective and efficient services to state agencies and the general public.

MMRS has established reciprocal agreements with other state agencies for alternate work spaces in the event an emergency renders the MMRS work spaces in the Woolfolk Building on North West Street unusable and/or unsafe. We are currently working with a vendor to finalize an agreement for an alternate location to continue print capabilities related to the critical statewide applications supported by MMRS.   Additionally, MMRS participates each year in the State's annual disaster recovery test in conjunction with ITS, and makes every effort to ensure the integrity of the State's critical applications. 

Agencies are encouraged to enter into similar reciprocal agreements with at least one agency outside their immediate geographical location.  At a minimum, this agreement should provide an alternate means to access the State Computer Center mainframe to ensure that several of the agency’s critical functions, including payroll, receipting of revenue, and vendor payments, can be continued.

Additionally, agencies are encouraged to participate in the annual disaster recovery test with ITS to verify connectivity to the disaster recovery site for continuity of critical functions (payroll and vendor payments), should the Computer Center have to relocate.