To allow for jobs that must be run to facilitate the year end close process and establish fiscal year 2023 data, MAGIC and SPAHRS will come down at 2:00 PM on June 30, 2022. You will be notified when MAGIC and SPAHRS are available. There is a possibility the systems may not be available until July 5, 2022. - Posted 06/02/2022


Welcome to Mississippi's eProcurement system. This system is designed to streamline interactions between vendors and State government entities that purchase goods and services, and provide vendors the ability to register, get information on upcoming bids, and respond to bids electronically, and receive purchase orders electronically. 

To determine whether you are a registered supplier (converted vendor) in MAGIC, go to the MAGIC Vendor Information page and follow the steps below:

  • Enter the first five characters of  your Vendor Name or your 11 digit SAAS Vendor Number.
  • Click Submit.


If you are a converted vendor, you will see your MAGIC Vendor Number, SAAS Vendor Number, Vendor Name, City, State, and Zip displayed. If your vendor information does not exist in MAGIC, you will see "The query you submitted returned no records."

Converted vendors need to submit an email via mash@dfa.ms.gov to request a MAGIC User ID and Password. Enter "Vendor ID Request" as the email Subject, and include the following information in your email:

MAGIC Vendor Number

Vendor Name

Contact Name

Contact Email Address

Contact Phone Number

If you are not a registered supplier and you wish to do business with the State of Mississippi, click here to register: State of Mississippi Supplier Registration. If you attempt to complete the registration process and you are already a converted vendor in MAGIC, you will receive a duplicate error message. Please call the MMRS Call Center at 601-359-1343, Option 2 for assistance in locating your vendor information.

If you do not wish to use the State of Mississippi Supplier Self Registration process, you will need to complete the Supplier Registration Form and contact the State of Mississippi agency you desire to do business with to complete the registration process. 

How to Request an Update to Your Supplier or Grantee Administrator Contact

A supplier or grantee administrator contact change can be requested by completing the Supplier/Grantee Self-Service Request for Change form, and submitting the form by clicking on the Submit button in the upper right hand corner of the form. You can also fax the form to: 601-359-6551.

Please see the Phishing Awareness Notification - Posted March 5, 2019

Supplier FAQ's



MAGIC Portal Login,  To access MAGIC, please click here

MAGIC Technical Requirements


Supplier Self-Service

Use the supplier self-service section to: register as a supplier with the State of Mississippi, search for registered suppliers, access help files for registration, log in to Mississippi's eProcurement system, and view tutorials for maintaining your supplier information with the State. 

MAGIC Supplier Self-Service Reference Guide 

Supplier Registration

Registering as a supplier with the State of Mississippi allows businesses to register for upcoming RFx (bid) opportunity notifications by the products they supply, search the system for upcoming RFxs, respond to an RFx electronically, and receive purchase orders by email.

If you are a new supplier and wish to do business with the State of Mississippi, click here to register: State of Mississippi Supplier Registration.

MAGIC Portal Login 
To access MAGIC, please click here


Supplier Training


MAGIC Supplier Self-Service Reference Guide

Supplier Registration Training Course

The course below will explain how to register as a supplier for the State of Mississippi.

LOG800 Supplier Registration Course 

Supplier Account Maintenance and RFx Response Training Course

The course below will teach the supplier how to perform the following self-service tasks:

Change supplier's address

Update products and services provided

Add or delete users to supplier's account

Submit electronic bids

LOG820 Supplier Self-Service Course 

The MAGIC Reverse Auction Bidders Training Guide provides instructions for vendors to participate in Reverse Auctions.  Vendors have the ability to submit bids electronically and view real time bid ranking.  The identity of participating bidders will not be displayed to other bidders throughout the online auction process.  However, bidders will be able to see the current best bid.  



Supplier W-9 Submission

Suppliers who have completed the registration process and have received a User ID and Password must attach a W-9 to their supplier account in MAGIC. Alternatively, suppliers may submit a valid W-9 to: 


Department of Finance and Administration
P. O. Box 1060
Jackson, MS  39215-1060 


Department of Finance and Administration
501 North West Street - Suite 701-B
Jackson, MS 39201

Phone: 601-359-3538, Fax: 601-359-5525, or ofmmagic@dfa.ms.gov

Supplier Additional Addresses

Supplier Additional Addresses

Suppliers (Vendors) who have completed the online registration process in MAGIC will use this form to request additions, changes, or removal of alternate ordering addresses for receiving Purchase Orders, and/or remittance addresses for receiving payments. This form cannot be used to change the main W9 address for the Supplier (Vendor). Suppliers have the ability to maintain their main address directly in the MAGIC Supplier Self-Service Portal.

Supplier (Vendor) Alternate Remittance/Ordering Address Maintenance Form