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MMRS Training Materials and Documentation are available for all MMRS supported applications. Save them to your desktop for quick reference, print out copies to have on hand, or forward them electronically to your colleagues.

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LSO Training Material

Learning Solutions (LSO)

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LSO Training Materials

The LSO Role Assignment training documents:

8201- LSO Agency Training Administrator
Posted: 12/03/2018

8202- LSO Training Coordinator
Posted: 06/04/2019 

8203- LSO Employee Self Service
Posted: 06/04/2019

8204- LSO Agency Training Approver
Posted: 02/15/2017

8205- LSO Sexual Harassment Awareness & Prevention Online Course
Posted: 11/30/2016

8206 - LSO Participant List Report (Historical)
Posted: 02/08/2017

8207 - LSO SPB Ethics in State Government Online Course
Posted: 11/30/2016