Executive Agency Informational Page


Executive Agencies are agencies that fall under the Executive Branch of the State of Mississippi Government. The following agencies are considered to be "Executive" Agencies as of January 2017:

  • Banking and Consumer Finance
  • Mississippi Department of Corrections
  • Mississippi Development Authority 
  • Mississippi Department of Emergency Management 
  • Mississippi Department of Employment Security 
  • Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality 
  • Mississippi Department of Finance and Administration
  • Mississippi Department of Human Services/ Child Protective Services 
  • Mississippi Department of Marine Resources 
  • Mississippi Division of Medicaid
  • Military Department
  • Mississippi Department of Public Safety and Narcotics
  • Mississippi Department of Rehabilitation Services
  • Mississippi Department of State Aid Road Construction
  • Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks




Sexual Harassment & Prevention Online Course Information

This page is to assist executive agencies in complying with Executive Order #1392 signed by Governor Phil Bryant Tuesday, January 10,2017.   

Sexual Harassment Awareness and Prevention Information Meeting
PowerPoint Presentation for Executive Agencies on 01/26/2017

8205 – LSO – Sexual Harassment Awareness & Prevention Online Course
This link is to the instructional document for taking the course in LSO.

MSPB Link to Sexual Harassment Awareness and Prevention course
This link is to the course on MSPB’s website.  As soon as you access this link, the course begins.

MAGIC Technical Requirements
LSO works best with Internet Explorer 9 & 10; however, this link is to the technical requirements for MAGIC.

LSO Online Participation Report (Including History)
This document has been condensed to a step-by-step one page document to assist the training coordinators and administrators.