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Cindy Bradshaw,State Insurance Administrator
P.O. Box 24208, Jackson, MS 39225-4208

The Mississippi State Agencies Self-Insured Workers' Compensation Trust

The Mississippi State Agencies Self-Insured Workers' Compensation Trust provides workers' compensation coverage for the more than 25,000 employees of the approximately 100 state agencies, boards, and commissions participating in this program. Governed by an elected Board of Trustees and managed by the Department of Finance and Administration’s Office of Insurance, this program provides participating State Agencies an affordable source of workers’ compensation insurance that includes prompt and accurate claims processing as well as comprehensive risk management services. The Trust’s innovative premium methodology provides for rates to be established on each agency’s individual claims experience, thus allowing employers more direct control over their workers’ compensation costs. Low administrative overhead expense combined with aggressive claims management efforts enable the Trust to keep member premiums extremely competitive.

The Trust utilizes the services of Cannon Cochran Management Services, Inc. (CCMSI), a third party claims administrator, to process claims. First reports of injury, claims status inquiries, medical bills, and related matters should be directed to CCMSI at the following address:

P. O. Box 1378
Ridgeland, Mississippi 39158
Telephone: 601-899-0148 or toll-free at 1-800-672-1108


NOTICE: To expedite reporting, First Reports of Injury (Claims) can be submitted online via First Report of Injury Online or faxed to CCMSI's claims opening department at 601-899-0160, or emailed to


At the completion of the First Report of Injury, provide the '1st Fill Card' to the injured worker.

1st Fill Card


PMOA First Fill Program allows the injured worker to obtain the initial first fill of a prescription needed upon injury without waiting for approval or incurring out-of-pocket expense. The purpose of this program is to ensure injured workers receive their medication in a timely manner prior to formal processing of the claim. The injured worker is allowed to receive up to a 10-day supply of medication and PMOA assumes 100% compensability in the event the claim is deemed non-compensable.

CCMSI is the Third Party Administrator for the Mississippi State Agencies Self-Insured Workers' Compensation Trust. CCMSI will be responsible for sending an electronic copy of this first report of injury form to the proper authority. Once you have the numeric claim ID number from this system, the claim has been successfully reported to us and assigned to a claims adjuster.

The Trust’s risk control/safety services are coordinated through the Office of Insurance. Questions concerning the Trust, including requests for information on how to become a member of the Trust, should be directed to the Trust Administrator at:

Mississippi State Agencies Self-Insured Workers’ Compensation Trust
c/o DFA-Office of Insurance
P.O. Box 24208
Jackson, Mississippi 39225-4208
Telephone: 601-359-3411 or toll-free at 1-866-586-2781

Cindy Bradshaw
State Insurance Administrator