Procedures for State Governments

A cooperative agreement has been approved with HGACBuy to allow purchases for fire apparatus. The
cooperative contract has been approved as an option for agencies and local governments to purchase
fire trucks.  All  base  models/units  listed  in  this  cooperative  agreement  meet  minimum  
standards  of NFPA1901,  Standard  for  Automotive  Fire  Apparatus  2003  Addition. All state and local  
entities purchasing an apparatus under this agreement, which will be utilizing funds from the State's Rural
Fire Truck Acquisition Assistance Program, must submit the apparatus specifications to Brad Smith,
State Fire Coordinator, Mississippi Insurance Department, State Fire Marshal’s Office, Division of
Fire Service Development for prior approval. Brad's contact information is:  P. O. Box 79; Jackson,
MS 39205, phone: 601-359-1062, EMAIL:

When making purchases of fire fighting equipment, personal alert systems, self-contained breathing
apparatus, nozzles, thermal imagers, uniforms, boots, gloves and helmets, state agencies should 
refer to the State of Mississippi, Office  of  Purchasing,  Travel  and  Fleet Management
state contracts here.

Prior to issuing a purchase order for fire apparatus, a copy of the final quote from the vendor must be sent
to the HGACBuy office for approval. State agencies are Required to submit a P-1 and a VR-1 Form to the
Bureau of Fleet Management. A copy of the quote, approved document from HGACBuy and justification
must be submitted with P-1. All state agencies within the state of Mississippi, desiring to purchase fire
apparatus through the state contract, must place a state contract number and ILC 08-2041 on their
purchase order.

State agencies within the state will be restricted from signing an HGACBuy ILC regardless of the
product. The State of Mississippi ILC includes all state agencies and local governments, so
individual ILC’s for local end Users are not required.

All HGACBuy vendors desiring to sell to the State of Mississippi from the HGACBuy contract must
first participate in an HGACBuy sponsored vendor orientation. The orientation will allow vendors to
become familiar with the State’s procedures, as well as, HGACBuy procedures.  Vendors must register
with the State of Mississippi at  Mississippi vendors and must obtain a Mississippi
Motor Vehicle license at

Upon completion of the vendor orientation, HGACBuy will send an email to the Bureau of Fleet
Management verifying that the vendor has completed orientation. Vendor will then be allowed to
sell fire apparatus to state government entities upon receipt and approval by the Bureau of Fleet

NFPA standards,

State of Mississippi Contact:

Billy Beard, Bureau of Fleet Management
Wayne Cranford, Bureau of Fleet Management

The HGACBuy primary contacts for The State of Mississippi are:

Ron Williamson- Coordinator, Program Development
Ph: 713-993-2410
Jackie Palmer
Ph: 713-993-2466

Click here for Approved Vendor List and State Contract Number