David Clanton, Director

The Mississippi Office of Surplus Property (MOSP) was organized in 1946 to assist state government, local government, and nonprofit organizations by allowing them to acquire surplus goods from both the Federal and State Government. MOSP has access to property ranging from office furniture to aircraft available through one of our four programs.

  • The Federal Donation Program locates property and makes it available to participants across the State of Mississippi.
  • The Fixed Price Sales Program allows public agencies to purchase used vehicles  that are no longer in use by the Federal Government.
  • The Law Enforcement Support Program is available to law enforcement agencies in Mississippi that meet the criteria to purchase surplus property to help fight crime.
  • State Surplus Property allows Mississippi Governmental entities to donate their surplus goods to MOSP for other agencies to purchase at tremendous savings.

For more information, please visit the program pages or call our office.

3147 MS-468
Pearl, MS 39208
Phone: (601) 939-2050

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