Office of Purchasing, Travel and Fleet Management Legislation

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2013 Legislation

HB 502 Public Purchasing; require state agency purchasing offices to have all purchasing officials certified.

HB 1293 Public Purchasing; limit exemption from bidding for purchases of prison industry products to purchases by Department of Corrections.

SB 2073 Certified purchasing offices; revise decision procedure for the best value calculation.

SB 2754 Environmental Quality; maintain directory of certified electronic recyclers and require state agencies to use those listed.


2014 Legislation

HB 1317 State agency purchasing; require procurement portal to provide information to vendors and include on Transparency MS website.

SB 2503 State vehicles; extend moratorium on acquisition of.


2015 Legislation

SB 2400 Government purchasing; place restrictions on emergency and single source purchases.


2016 Legislation

SB 2123 MDOC; clarify type of contracts that must be approved by the Public Procurement Review Board.

SB 2591 State agency purchasing agents; clarify who must attend purchasing certification program.


2017 Legislation

HB 342 PSCRB; exempt entertainer contracts entered into by MS Fair Commission from review of. HB 926 Health Care Collaboration Act, create.

HB 938 Motor vehicles; prohibit state agencies from purchasing for one  year.

HB 1106 Public contracts; require purchasing entities to allow contractors to submit bids electronically. HB 1109 Requests for proposals; provide standards for state agencies to follow regarding.

SB 2354 Public Purchasing law; define certain terms as used in.