Below are some questions that are frequently asked regarding the Procurement Card Program:  


Question:  Will individual cardholders get individual statements?  Will there be one statement for the entire office that I can reconcile?  

Answer:    At the end of each cycle, the contractor will submit a statement to each approving official including statements of individual cardholders and also, shall submit a consolidated report to the agency’s accounting office.


Question:  Can we purchase library books?  

Answer:  Yes.  Library books are not considered equipment.


Question:  Can we buy computer equipment for amounts more than $250?  

Answer:  No.


Question:  Do I have to make copies of all individual statements at the end of each month plus copies of the invoices?   

Answer: It is recommended; however, you are ultimately responsible for maintaining the information needed on file.  If you have a system in place and feel comfortable in an audit being able to provide the information needed then you could use your own system.


Question:  Who should sign the MS Governing Authority Authorized Users form?  

Answer:  The person to whom your agency answers, ex:  mayor, supervisor, etc.