• Review section 10.107 State Procurement Manual
  • A brief justification on agency letterhead of the need for an open purchase order in lieu of normal P.O. procedures. This should include, but not be limited to, an estimate of the quantity of purchase orders that would be required if the Open Purchase Order Procedures are not used.
  • A general description of the commodities/services and the maximum amount per invoice.
  • The following certification should be included with the justification: "This is to certify that only the commodities shown will be purchased and that no items currently covered by any state contract will be purchased under the terms of this purchase order without proper approval from the Office of Purchasing and Travel. This procedure will not be used to separate purchases so as to circumvent any laws, regulations, or policies of the State of Mississippi."
  • This should be signed by the Procurement Director or his/her designee.