Please do not include social security number in attachments or in the body of email correspondence. If e-mailing information please only provide the employee’s PID.

Office of Financial Affairs compiles and remits all W-2 forms for all state agency employees and contract workers processed in the State Payroll and Human Resource System (SPAHRS). Note: Some contract workers may qualify as vendors depending on how the work they provide to the state agency in question is executed. Vendors or Contractors in this sense are reported via the 1099 Miscellaneous Income process.

State of Mississippi employees should NOT contact DFA-OFA directly for W-2 requests. Employees should contact their most recent agency's payroll department. DFA-OFA will not provide W-2 directly to employees. Questions regarding reported information on W-2 should be posed to your agency payroll staff. Employees needing assistance logging into the Access Channel for Employees (ACE) website should contact the MMRS helpdesk at (601) 359-1343.

Below are some important links for State of Mississippi W-2 Forms

Agency payroll staff may direct W-2 inquiries related to the following: financialaffairs@dfa.ms.gov.