Below are some frequently asked questions by vendors concerning Fleet:


Question:  Beginning August 1, 2008, what is the correct way to title a new or used vehicle purchase, transferred or donated State vehicle?

Answer:  State of Mississippi/DFA-Agency #XXX
Address of requesting agency as the mailing address


Question:  All State owned vehicles must be assigned as 1 of 3 assignment types. Name them.

Answer:  (1) Individual Commute; (2) Individual Non-Commute; (3) Motor Pool


Question:  Before approval for commuting in a State vehicle is to be considered, what are the four (4) justifications for individual commuting?

Answer:  (1) Law Enforcement; (2) 24/7 on call; (3) Specialized Equipment; (4) Virtual office


Question:  What form must be filled out and sent to BFM by each employee that drives a State owned vehicle whether it is an individual assignment or pool?

Answer:  Form UA-1 Appendix C State of Mississippi Vehicle Agreement


Question:  What is a preventable accident?

Answer:  Driver error - Any accident that could be avoided (i.e. Running stop light, running stop sign, backing into something, reckless driving, speeding)


Question:  Where do you find the proof of insurance number that is required on vehicle accidents reporting?

Answer:  Refer to Manual:  Section 4.501.02 Code 11-46-15


Question:  Is it permissible to give out only the parts of the Fleet Manual that pertain to each person’s job?

Answer:  NO; Their signature on the UA-1 form states they have been given a copy of the State Fleet manual and have read and understand its contents and are responsible for upholding all rules and regulations of the complete manual.


Question:  Are State contract employees allowed to operate state owned vehicles?

Answer:  Yes; Provided that they are on the agency payroll thru SPAHRS.