PSCRB Forms and Templates

Submission instructions are located at the bottom of each form.


Form 001 - Objection to Sole Source Determination

Form 002 - Sole Source Determination

Form 003 - Request for Petition for Relief from Bidding (Independent Contractor)

Form 008 - RFQ Evaluation Factors Scoring Sheet

Form 010- Procurement Committee Evaluator Certification


OPSCR Petition for Relief MAGIC Instructions

NIGP Service Codes


OPSCR Templates

Invitation for Bids (IFB)

Notice of Rejection

Notice of Intent to Award

Notice of No Protest and Debriefing

Post-Award Vendor Debriefing Summary

Pre-Opening Conference Attendance Log

Procurement Opening Attendance Log

Procurement References

Procurement Reference Score Sheet

Procurement Questions and Answers

Procurement Exception(s)

Summary of Written Quotes Evaluation


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