Mississippi Accountability System For Government Information And Collaboration the Statewide Automated Accounting System (MAGIC), Statewide Payroll and Human Resource System (SPAHRS), and other state accounting issues. Documented in this manual are fiscal policies, accounting principles, controls, operating procedures and reporting requirements. The Department of Finance and Administration Office of Fiscal Management is responsible for maintaining the manual.

Section Chapter
01 Introduction
02 Accounting Principles
04 Funds
05 Budgets
06 Chart of Accounts
08 Purchasing
09 Expenditures
10 Warrants
11 Vendors
12 Petty Cash
13 Receipts
14 Electronic Payments
18 Journal Entries
19 Travel
20 Payroll
22 Grants
23 Capital Asset Reporting
24 1099 Reporting
27 GAAP Reporting
30 Internal Control
31 References