1099-G Forms for Calendar Year 2020:


Forms 1099-G were issued for Calendar Year 2020 to businesses and individuals who received CARES Act awards for various state programs. The Mississippi Legislature authorized legislation in 2020 to ensure funds awarded were not taxable by the State of Mississippi.  However, the IRS has deemed these funds are generally not excludable from gross income and are taxable for federal tax purposes.

Please see the IRS FAQs regarding CARES Act funds awarded by states:



For questions regarding the amounts reported on your Form 1099-G:


  • Business Relief payments (generally $2,000), contact the Department of Revenue (DOR) at 601-923-7700.
  • Back to Business payments (generally $3,500), contact the Mississippi Development Authority (MDA) at 601-359-6683.
  • Awards exceeding $5,000, contact Department of Finance and Administration (DFA) at 601-359-2160.