Institution / Agency Information: 

(and information for Professionals for quotes under $50,000.00 or emergencies)

(and information for other Public Entities)

QUOTES:  (includes most laws for bid/quotes)

Bid/Quote Proposal Checklist 12/15/2020 (see editable links below)  THIS INCLUDES ALL LAWS PERTAINING TO "PUBLIC" BIDS or QUOTES.  This Checklist would affect "other" Public Entities - however, some may not apply if you are not a State Institution/Agency.  (i.e. #2 - A City will not need to get the professional contract approved by BoB)  

      •               NOTE:  *  The forms in the above Checklist Document are not editable – the entire document is meant to be an interoffice          
      •                                  tickler to help with your project.
  •                             *  Please see the “links” listed below for the editable Request for Quote (similar to Advertisement for Bids), editable
  •                                Quote form (similar to a bid proposal form), etc.

Request for Quote Fillable 12/15/2020 - editable for "emergency declared project quotes at any estimated cost     or     quotes $50,000.00 and under".  PLEASE GET THE CHECKLIST TO FOLLOW FOR QUOTES. 

Notice that the Request for Quote form has a paragraph about "no" electronic bidding.  (either it is being used because it is under $50,000.00 and does not advertise     OR     it is being used because it is an Emergency and rules change

Using Agency forms for the entire project are herein.  If the Project has a Prime Professional, then the Request for Quote will be used from this link and BoB will help walk through the type of Contract depending on amount of project or award.

Modified Instruction to Bidders for Quotes 12/15/2020 (Professional - remove red lettering in the form)

Quote - fillable     AND     Bidders Checklist (Attachment to Quote)    for $50,000.00 and under (refer, also, to checklist) (Sealed quote) If the anticipated bid is expected to be over $50,000.00 AND IS AN EMERGENCY, please use the regular bid proposal form.  Your contract will ONLY be different for over $50,000.00 and an emergency regarding the "Request for Quotes".  (instead of an Advertisement for Bids)

Inst/Agency Construction Proposal/Quote Contract Draft  (Institutions and Agencies can use THIS CONTRACT when it is a quote UNDER $50,000.00 and NOT a BoB project.  All references to BoB have been removed(see 1.2 whereby you can choose whether it is an emergency or a non-emergency)

A/E's or BoB Construction Proposal/Quote Contract Draft  (Architects and Engineers can use THIS CONTRACT when it is a quote under $50,000.00.  References to the BoB are still in this contract.  If you are doing a Quote Contract FOR THE USING AGENCY, please see the link immediately above.)  (see 1.2 whereby you can choose whether it is an emergency or a non-emergency)

Contract Bond and Insurance Certificate for Contracts and Editable does not change from Bids for "Quotes".  [so not to have to update here] please get from other links herein.

This gets confusing and Contract Analyst will be available for assistance to Prime Professionals.

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