DELETE FROM INVENTORY / DEMOLISH - revised policy effective June 1, 2015

Based on the new EIS / Web-based Inventory System in 2015, the BoB is handling their delegation of Deletion of Buildings from Inventory with a revised policy effective June 1, 2015, as follows:

Log into the respective EIS / Web-based Inventory System and add or delete building.

More detailed instructions at this link.

Institution/Agencies should keep in mind the Department of Archives Antiquities Code and the EPS / Department of Environmental Quality rules/regulations regarding building deletions and demolitions.  (forms are still accessible below)

Attach these documents AND their respective approval letters to the EIS / Web-based Inventory System, along with any other pertinent documents

If this is a BoB "demolition" resulting in a Deletion from Inventory, the forms and procedures will also be submitted for inclusion in the Bricks Project, as well as, your EIS system.

Previous Delete from Inventory BOB Notes (no longer required) (for assistance:

BoB Standard Approval Form authorizing the June 1, 2015, Delete from Inventory Policy revision


DAH Historical Form - Notice of Intent:  (required for attachment to your GIS Inventory of Building page) (can be filled in on-line) Code 39-7-22  (this form is filliable; however, you must right-click on the link and select "Save Links As .. ." [on your PC] - THEN it is fillable) and for Construction demolition projects

DEQ Hazardous Form:  (required for attachment to your GIS Inventory of Building page)) (can be filled in on-line) EPS Rules/Regulations 61.145

Codes:  Be sure to get the MOST RECENT version from the Mississippi Code.  The ones in this link are not necessarily the most recent!