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Editable Bid Tab 08/06/2020


After Bid Instructions Before Award Memo


How to Prepare Construction Contract Memo

*  is distributed in a packet to Professional at Bid Opening,

*  is in Bricks, Project Level, where the Professional Contract is uploaded in the specific project number document manager,

*  and is in Bricks, Company Level Tab, document manager under "How To's for A/E's" / How to do Contracts.


How to Register in Magic - this is important whether Contractor registers themselves OR Bureau of Building registers them.  They need to obtain "sign-in" information IN ADVANCE of day of bids !


Request for Quote

The page we are viewing speaks to the forms for a BID.  And probably for an Emergency and/or a Quote WHEN these two are over $50,000.00.  ($50,000.00 being one of the amounts mentioned in the Advertisement Code.)  If you have an Emergency and/or a Quote - please get the Request for Quote (not the Advertisement for Bids)      AND      the Modified Instructions to Bidders..  Note, also, the Request for Quote has a paragraph that speaks to NO electronic bidding on Emergency and/or Quotes. 

Request for Quote     AND     Modified Instructions to Bidders is on BoB web page under "Forms for Institution / Agencies, AE's when appropriate, and other public entities".



     If you need help in starting the Index - you can look on our web at the Procedure Manual, down the page to Division 0 and Division 1, and get some help.  

     Division 0 Bidding and Contract Requirements - (the previous "3" separate sections of Division 0 are combined, once again, into one document below)

     Division 0 "modifications" will be from "your" Addenda - so you will need to mark Index, Drawing Index, and Spec Sections accordingly.

     Division 0 Advertisement for Bids (PROCESSED BY BoB THROUGH BRICKS - which can also be found in Bricks Project Document Manager)

Division 0 0000 Advertisement through 00900 (fillable forms ARE BELOW as Pages 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, Bond, Ins)

           If you are preparing a bid for a "quote" - you may wish to use some of the forms (instructions to bidders for quotes AND Proposal Form if under $50,000.00, etc.) which are one step back and under BoB Forms & Information for Institutions/Agencies and A/E's for Quotes and other Public Entities)

          If you are preparing a bid for "Unit Prices ONLY" - you may wish to use this Instructions to Bidders for Unit Prices Only

Advertisement for Bids (only) (get from BoB)   

(the forms are fillable; however, you must OPEN AND SAVE - THEN they are fillable) 

Construction Contract pages 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, Bond, Insurance Cert "for your convenience" (the forms are fillable; however, you must right-click on the link and select "Save Links As .. ." [on your PC] - THEN they are fillable) (see Bond and Insurance Cert below for agents' use) (MID links modified 04/16/15) (modified Nov 2016 & 030317 Bond signatures. footer 120117)

Bond Form ONLY (some agents wanted access to this alone) (may be completed online)

        (the Bond and Insurance forms are fillable; however, you must right-click on the link and select "Save Links As .. ." [on your PC] - THEN they are fillable) 

Insurance Certificate ONLY (some agents wanted access to this alone) (may be completed online) (modified BI & PD 030116; August 2016 w/Nov 2016 date) 


2007 GENERAL CONDITIONS:     September 27, 2018     Good Morning BoB,     Thank you for contacting Documents Information at the AIA. 

The AIA will retire A201-2007 on May 31, 2021. Many of the AIA’s other documents in the design-bid-build family with a “2007" designation will retire on October 31, 2018; however, because the A201-2007 is referenced in other AIA contracts that will continue to be published beyond October 31, 2018, the AIA will continue to publish A201-2007 until May 31, 2021. Thereafter, the AIA will offer A201-2007 as a reference document, available as a locked PDF on   



Affidavit Certifying Payment to Subcontractors (appears in Manual at end of 00800 Supplementary Conditions)

Division 0 Section 00820 - Labor (the pages with "X" through Parts 2-5 were removed August 24, 2016, and replaced by one page that refers to:  . . . When project funding includes Federal funds . . . Where no such pages are included, then no special provisions shall apply . . . . ")   YOU WILL INCLUDE LABOR STANDARDS PROVISIONS AND WAGE DETERMINATIONS WHEN FEDERAL FUNDS ARE IN PROJECT. 


Division 1: (includes 01010.F Minority Participation Exhibit A AND 01500.J Project Sign Exhibit B following Section 01900)(sign is found in this link. Editable 01900 and Minority Tracking form is below)

Exhibit "A" Minority Tracking or Participation Form (may be completed online) Click on the for title; then click in top right "open with a different viewer; and open with Adobe DC. 

Division 1: Section 01900 Page 24 & 25 (this form is editable however, you must right-click on the link and select "Save Links As .. ." [on your PC] - THEN 24 & 25 are fillable)

Exhibit "B" Project Sign by itself (found in Division 1 close to the end of 01900)