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Addendum 1 by BoB is not currently applicable

Addendum 2 ARRA is not currently applicable

Addendum 2 BoB Memo - only pertains to ARRA projects   (Revised 03/23/11 and so dated)   

Attachments = OPT Memo, Exhibit 1, Exhibit 2 (plus signage below)

ARRA Signage = 4th attachment (see other signage for Smart Meters ONLY)

(October 22, 2009 - issued by BoB November 6, 2009)

(Revised December 9, 2009 - issued by BoB February 1, 2010)

(Signage Revised March 2010- issued by BoB October 21, 2010 and so dated at bottom of signage attachment)

(Signage Revised March 2011 for MDA Executive Director's Name-issued by BoB March 23, 2011 and so dated at bottom of signage attachment)

Addendum ___  Mississippi First Law is not currently applicable to the BoB (BoB has not had a project with the applicable funds yet - However, several people have called needing the FORM linked below):  This is called Mississippi First Law.  (Currently, the BoB has not had a project that applies.) When the BoB does have a project that applies - documents assisting with meeting the law will be made available)

*  Explanation:  (to come when applicable)

*  Law: Code 31-5-3 (2013)  (click to read entire Code)

Excerpt:  (1) All public works projects utilizing funds received by state or local governmental entities resulting from a federally declared disaster or a spill of national significance, including damages, penalties, fines or supplemental projects paid or financed by responsible parties pursuant to a court order, negotiated settlement, or other instrument, including under any law distributing such fines and penalties including the federal Resources and Ecosystems Sustainability, Tourist Opportunities and Revived Economy of the Gulf Coast Act of 2011 (R.E.S.T.O.R.E.), the Oil Pollution Act of 1990 or the Federal Water Pollution Control Act or similar legislation, shall be subject to the hiring policies established by this section.

*  Form  (click for MDES form in order to comply with the above Code)

*  Attachment to Proposal whereby Contractor complies with Law (to come when applicable)

*  Supplementary Conditions with a Section [added] to 3.4. pertaining to said Law (to come when applicable)

Bid Opening Documents

Certified Bid Tabulation Form (can be filled in on line)

After Bid Opening Instructions before Award (see paragraph below - where to find in Bricks)

How to Prepare Contract (see paragraph below - where to find in Bricks)  (Amended 10/05/10 re: electronic submittal = upload to Bricks; and 3/16/11 re: starting the Bricks Business Process and Uploading documents; 5/24/11; 06/03/11 re: contractor SoS registration; #21 size of drawings; 03/22/13 "modified by addenda" on drawing index/table of contents; 1b added 8/5/13 regarding Surety/Agents; 10/07/14 removed reference to BoB Addendum 1 which was deleted 12/21/13)

Contractors Board Rule 30-9-802.1.2(8) (previously Rule 12) (see paragraph below - where to find in Bricks)

Print Summary - see Printing Reimbursement Form below


Surety and Bond / Insurance Agents:  The following reference is included in Division 0 and Division 1 per Code 83-17-21, the BoB has to check the Bid Bond, Contract Bond, Insurance Certificate for the Surety Company, the Surety Company Agent, the Insurance Providers, and the Agent signing the Insurance Certificate against the Mississippi Insurance Department web:  (per 8/5/13 and 9/9/13 mass emails to A/E's) 

  • The bid bond surety AND agent HAS to be on the Mississippi Insurance Dept web (83-17-5 and 83-17-21)
  • The contract bond surety AND agent (or MS resident agent countersigning) HAS to be on the Mississippi Insurance Dept web      and the agent HAS to be able to sign FOR THAT SURETY COMPANY
  • The insurance providers HAVE to be on the Mississippi Insurance Dept web
  • The agent signing the insurance certificate OR the MS resident agent HAS to be on the Mississippi Insurance Dept web BUT NOT FOR THE PROVIDERS (just licensed in MS)
  • These companies and agents can be checked at:  Mississippi Insurance Department - Licensing
  • See Memo with all these links on Bricks Company level under Doc Mgr / How to for A/E's

Bricks - all of the documents listed below can be found in:             

              Bricks/Company level/Document Manager/Company Documents/003 How To - AE's Miscellaneous
              Bricks/Company level/Document Manager/Company Documents/001 How to do Bricks:

Regarding Bricks/Contracts - Professional and Construction:
(the links below were removed due to "multiple" saves and the chance of error in not updating a site - see the sentence above on WHERE to find these documents in the Bricks Company Level)

              First Professional Contract Business Process step

              Second Professional Contract Business Process step

              Start Construction Contract Business Process and Upload Plans/Specs

              After Bid Opening Instructions before Award Memo

              How to Prepare Construction Contract Memo

              Contractors' Board Rule 30-9-802.1.2(8) (previously Rule 12 )


              Electronic bidding and Product Code

              Bid Tab

              Seals on Documents by Prime Professional and Consultants

              Checking Secretary of State

Change Order Form (below after contract pages)


Information for Quote or Emergencies is found on another link to BoB homepage.