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     Pre-Qualification of Contractor for construction

  •     RPM (Real Property Management) Lease Requests (Office/Farmlands), Sales, etc.  
    •     2019 Bureau of Building, et al, 2019 Session(s) Lawbook Index, per 26-61-19             Mississippi  Code:Summary:    (link will be opened shortly)Questions and Answers:  Please refer to "About the Bureau of Building" above for emails and submit any Questions regarding Laws to the Contract Analyst Senior or the Director of the Bureau of Building. 
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  •     BOB Procedure Manual
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  •          Changes to BOB Procedure Manual - July 1, 2011 Forward
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BoB Forms for A/E’s (Professionals)
Addenda; Bid Tab; W9; Bricks Info; Div 0; Div 1; CO; M54; M55; Professional                     Contracts; How to Figure Fees; how to register for Magic and electronic bidding, etc.

   BoB Forms & Information for Institutions/Agencies (and A/E’s for quotes  
   and other Public Entities) 
Quote OR Bids - Institution/Agency Information (A/E's for quotes, Public Entitles)

   BoB - the above link of forms is not for regularly bid projects. 

   The above link is ONLY used by A/E's for the quote checklist, Request for Quote and Quote  Proposal Form/Checklist.       AND        ALL the forms in the above link are for use by the Using Agencies (with BoB removed reference).


About Real Property Management

     MAGIC Leases - February 11, 2015
     RPM (Real Property Management) Lease Requests (Office/Farmlands), Sales, etc.  
     RPM Leasing Procedure Manual - December 7, 2020
     RPM Forms*
     Inventory of Building Information


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