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Contact Information
Administrator Lea Ann McElroy 601-359-3402
Claims Manager Bruce Donaldson 601-359-6248
Glass Claims Officer Teresa Wells 601-359-2549
State Risk Manager Steven Milner 601-359-6691
Canon Cochran Management Services, Inc. (CCMSI) - claims brought against the state
Contracted Investigator Lisa Wells 601-899-0148
Contracted Investigator Amanda Rayburn 601-899-0148
Contracted Investigator Abby Watkins 601-899-0148



Safety & Loss Control

Safety and Loss Control

The goal of safety and loss control services is a reduction in the number and severity of claims brought against State agencies and the State by providing State agencies with assistance in the various aspects of risk management, safety, and loss control.

Services provided include:

● Assistance establishing Risk Management and Loss Control programs
● Safety audits of all State-owned and leased properties
● Safety Officer training

Staff training, including:
● Maintenance Safety
● Defensive Driving
● CPR and First Aid



Video Links

Just Drive (Distracted Driving)
Texting While Driving
Just Protect (Data Safety)
Active Shooter

 Other Web Links

American Society of Safety Engineers
National Fire Protection Association
Safety Info
National Safety Council
World Safety Organization
Mississippi State Fire Marshal's Office, Fire Safety Education
Mississippi State Fire Marshal's Office, Fire Safety Guide
Mississippi Hurricane Preparedness Guide

 Risk Management and Loss Control toolkit

● Risk Management Program Guidelines
● Sample Loss Control Manual
   - Liability
   - Fleet Safety
   - Inspections

Report Claims

Any incident involving serious injury or death should be reported immediately by telephone.


Any incident involving serious injury or death should be reported immediately by telephone.
Fill out: Liability Claim Reporting Form  
Attention:  Claims Manager  
Reporting Options:  
1.  e-mail to:
2.  Fax to: 601-359-3262
3.  Mail to: P.O. Box 267
Jackson, MS 39205-0267



Vehicle Insurance

State Vehicle Insurance Coverage Documentation


It is recommended that this letter regarding state vehicle insurance cards and coverage be placed in every state vehicle.



Five years of experience - The MS Bar Assn good standing


Attorneys wishing to be added to the Tort Claims Approved Attorney Register must have five (5) years of experience and be in good standing with the Mississippi Bar Association. Requests should be made to the Board in writing and include a resume. For a copy of our billing guidelines, click here.


Political Sub divisions

Current list of Subdivisions, including Hospitals


For the most current list of political subdivisions - click here. For Hospitals - click here. This list is true and accurate to the best of our ability. However, for due diligence, please contact the Board and the entity in question.