GAAP Forms

27.30.10 Accounts Receivable Recorded by Agency

27.30.15 Investments and Interest Receivable

27.30.25 Inventory

27.30.30 Loans and Notes Receivable

27.30.40 Accounts Payable Recorded by Agency

27.30.55 Due To Due From Other Funds Recorded by the Agency

27.30.60 Schedule of Federal Grant Activity

27.30.65 Federal Grant Activity Transferred-In

27.30.66 Federal Grant Activity Transferred-Out

27.30.70 Federal Sub-Grant Activity

27.30.75 Transfers Between Funds

27.30.80 Deferred Revenues

27.40.15 Leases

27.40.20 Changes in Long-Term Obligations

27.40.21 Calculation of Amount Available

27.40.40 Schedule of Contingent Liabilities

27.50.25 Construction in Progress

27.60.20 Statement of Cash Flows and Worksheet

27.70.20 Changes in Assets and Liabilities

GAAP Entry Template

Attorney Letter

Representation Letter

Sign Off Sheet