The Office of Capitol Facilities performs the duties required to assure that all buildings under this office's jurisdiction are maintained and kept operable in addition to maintaining grounds and performing custodial duties. Parking at state buildings in the Capitol Complex is also a responsibility of this office.

The Office of Capitol Facilities currently has twenty-four (24) buildings under it's jurisdiction: Central High Building, New Capitol Building, Burroughs Building, Carroll Gartin Building, Governor's Mansion, Heber Ladner Building, Robert E. Lee Building, 700 North State Street, Walter Sillers Building, Charlotte Capers Building, GM&O Depot Building, 515 Amite Street, Old Capitol Building, Manship House, Manship Visitor's Center, War Memorial Building, 301 Building, Carpenter Shop, State Records Center, E. T. Woolfolk Building, E. L. Bolton State Office Building (Biloxi), and State Service Buildings #1 and #2 (Hattiesburg). The 660 and the 620 North Street Buildings are also under our jurisdiction.

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