Business Services Components:


Receives and prepares paperwork for processing for central receiving, Handmail, and Property (postage invoices,
monthly invoices and Fuel-man)

Operator for Business Services main phone line, 601-359-2370

Central Receiving

Central Receiving is responsible for supplying materials necessary for operation and maintenance of all State
buildings within the Capitol Complex.

Examples of supplies housed in Central Receiving:

Office Supplies

Maintenance Supplies

Janitorial Supplies



DFA Handmail is responsible for providing mail services for State Agencies within the Capitol Complex and
a few which are located outside of the complex.

Hours of operation: 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Delivers to 72 state agencies

Makes 2 to 3 runs to each agency to deliver and pick up mail daily

Maintains 10 lock boxes and 4 collar boxes at the post office


DFA Property is responsible for reporting all additions, deletions, and/or changes of equipment,
land, and building improvement.

Property is classified into three categories:
130 - Department of Finance and Administration
135 - Department of General Services
161 - Risk Management

The Property Office Follows rules and guidelines set forth by the State Auditor and can be found in the
State Auditors Manual. (

DFA Most Utilized Property Forms

Process for lost or stolen property:
Report to Business Services Property Office
Contact Jackson Police Department and obtain a case number
Bring case number (ID card) back to Property Office