Office Mission Statement

The mission of the Bond Advisory Division is to assist in the development of high standards of service and performance through standardized documentation of The State of Mississippi’s Bond sales and the issuance and delivery of such sales.

Description of Office's Duties/Responsibilities

  • to inform the Bond Commission members and other interested parties of regulatory and legislative developments as well as information on current economic, financial and growth conditions of the state.
  • to maintain a close working relationship with state agencies authorized to incur bonded indebtedness.
  • to require all state agencies or political subdivisions to submit annual financial reports as deemed necessary.
  • to maintain a complete record of all outstanding state bonds and make continuing studies and investigations of government bond interest costs.
  • to maintain and provide complete, current and accurate information regarding bonds issued, maturity dates, interest costs, bond market trends and other data.
  • to investigate and require reports covering proposed transactions involving bond issues, exchanges, trades, swaps, and redemptions; to maintain a personal relationship with rating agencies and state bond investors.
  • to cooperate with and provide assistance to counties, municipalities and other political subdivisions when requested.
  • to assist in the overall promotion of the great State of Mississippi through its bond program.