About Us

The Bond Advisory Division was statutorily created in 1980 and codified in MCA § 7-1-401[1]. The powers and duties of the Division were codified under MCA § 7-1-403. These powers and duties included but are not limited to the following:

  • To inform the Bond Commission member and other interested parties of regulatory and legislative developments as well as information on current economic, financial, and growth conditions of the state;
  • To maintain a close working relationship with state agencies authorized to incur bonded indebtedness;
  • To require all state agencies or political subdivisions to submit annual financial reports as deemed necessary;
  • To maintain a complete record of all outstanding state bonds and make continuing studies and investigations of government bond interest costs;
  • To maintain and provide complete, current, and accurate information regarding bonds issued, maturity dates, interest costs, bond market trends and other data;
  • To investigate and require reports covering proposed transactions involving bond issues, exchanges, trades, swaps, and redemptions;
  • To maintain a personal relationship with rating agencies and state bond investors;
  • To cooperate with and provide assistance to counties, municipalities, and other political subdivisions when requested; and
  • To assist in the overall promotion of the great State of Mississippi through its bond program.


To accomplish these duties, the Division currently employs the following staff:

Gilda Reyes, Director

Linda Nesline, Bond Analyst

Alicia Rhymes, Bond Compliance Officer


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[1] All sections of the Mississippi Code of 1972, as amended, will be cited as "MCA §".