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Software Downloads


The MERLIN application requires proprietary software to enable additional functionality. Software and Installation Guides are provided to state agencies upon request, once licensing requirements have been met.

MAGIC Software Downloads

MERLIN - Cognos Software Downloads

Agencies are responsible for purchasing their own Cognos Impromptu User licenses and keeping the annual maintenance for these licenses current. The supported version of the Cognos software, as well as the other software needed to create MERLIN reports is available on this page via secured links.  Access to the links on this page is granted to an agency once the number of Cognos licenses is verified.

Cognos license information should be updated, as necessary, on the Agency Information form in the MERLIN signup database.

Contact the MMRS Call Center at 601-359-1343 for assistance. 


Installation Documentation

CAE Installation Documentation
Cognos Installation Instructions

CAE 9.7 Admin client for Windows 7, 32 bit software
Cognos 7.5 software
MERLIN/Cognos Configuration File


If Adobe® Reader® is not loaded on your PC, you will see a window with "Save, Open, Cancel" options. Select "Cancel" to close the window and then click the following link: "Get Acrobat Reader " to download. The software is free.


If WinZip® is not loaded on your PC, you will see a window with "Save, Open, Cancel" options. Select "Cancel" to close the window and then click the following link: " WinZip " to download. The software is free.