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MAGIC Availability- Posted 04/19/2018

MAGIC will not be available the following dates/times for system maintenance. 

Date Time
Saturday, April 21st 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Wednesday, April 25th 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM


ACE/MAGIC Password Reset Reminder – Posted 02/01/2018

Remember to provide your ACE/MAGIC User ID or your 6-digit PID when you request a password reset.  Your agency Human Resource (HR) or Payroll (PR) department can supply that information if you do not know what it is.


Paper W-2 Request Tip – Posted 02/01/2018

To request a hard copy (paper) W-2 you must complete the form found at this link: and follow all directions on the form.  This year DFA announced they will not begin processing requests for W-2 hard copies until February 15, 2018.


Online W-2s for Tax Year 2017 Now available in ACE – Posted 01/19/2018

Current state employees and contract workers who have elected to receive their W-2 information online may now access their Tax Year 2017 W-2 information in ACE (Access Channel for Employees) via  

The Department of Finance and Administration has a computer and printer available in the basement of the Woolfolk building for use by state employees and contract workers in the Jackson area to access ACE.  Agencies are encouraged to provide internet computer access to employees who do not have computers.


NOTE:  If you are no longer employed with the state as of December 31, 2017, your W-2 will NOT be available in ACE; you will receive a paper W-2 through the mail.


If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact the MMRS Call Center at or call 601-359-1343 (press 1 for help with your user ID or password).


ACE- Posted 01/15/2018

Accounts are required to have an email address for password resets. Please add email addresses to the users’ record in SPAHRS so an overnight job will add to MAGIC.  Also, users should be prepared to provide their user ID or 6-digit PID when contacting the MASH Call Center at MASH@DFA.MS.GOV or 601-359-1343.


Agency Specific Deduction Codes for Cafeteria Plan Deductions – Posted 11/20/2017

Cafeteria plan deductions for Dependent Care (CareFlex), Unreimbursed Medical (MediFlex) and insurance premiums should be withheld on agency specific deduction codes established for each of these deductions. If your agency changes the cafeteria plan administrator, a SPAHRS Deduction Code Change Request Form must be submitted to MMRS to request a vendor number change on the affected deduction codes.  These agency specific deduction codes for CareFlex and MediFlex are used to identify required information on employees’ W-2 forms.


New PERS Report for Agencies – Posted 10/03/2017

A PERS report has been developed to allow each agency to receive a list of their employees whose previous month’s adjustments were paid for pay periods greater than 18 months in the past. These transactions should be manually reported to PERS on their “Form 10, Report of Adjustments,” which is to be completed by the agency and sent to PERS.  The report, “Adjustment Greater Than 18 Months,” for the previous month’s transactions will be available in FMVIEW on the second working day of each month if you have someone with adjustments that old.  The Report ID is PH3400L-AGY#.




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