Norman McLeod
Dates of Term: July 1, 2019—June 30, 2023

Norman McLeod is a 1974 graduate of Belhaven College with additional study at the Mississippi College School of Law. He is a Certified Professional Accountant with over 45 years in the field of governmental finance, accounting, and auditing. He spent the first 31 years with the State Auditor’s Office serving in various positions and serving eight years as the Deputy State Auditor while Governor Phil Bryant was State Auditor.

While at the State Auditor’s Office McLeod was involved with the National State Auditor’s Association, serving on the PEER review committee and the Single Audit Committee. He also spent time in the country of Slovakia working with and training their finance and audit personnel in accounting and auditing matters.

For three years he was the county administrator of Rankin County.

Since 2008 McLeod has been self-employed, working with governments either performing audits of the financial statements, preparation of financial statements, or advising in areas of governmental accounting.

He and his wife Susan have lived in Rankin County since 1993 and are members of First Baptist Church in Brandon. They have two children and four grandchildren.