Miss. Code Ann. § 27-104-7 reconstituted the Public Procurement Review Board (PPRB) on January 1, 2018. Pursuant to this statute, the PPRB "may establish a preapproved list of providers of various personal and professional services for set prices with which state agencies may contract without bidding or prior approval from the board." As the need arises, the PPRB establishes Lists of Preapproved Providers of Services for use by state agencies and entities under the purview of the PPRB (hereafter "agencies"). The PPRB invites bids from qualified vendors which provide the services listed below for placement on the list.

After the list is established, agencies may select and contract with vendors from the list, avoiding the need for procurement. Contracts over $75,000.00 must still be approved by the PPRB. PVLs which have already been established can be found here. Active solicitations for bids to establish new PVLs can be found below.

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