Prior to 2012, for the last few previous years, Institutions/Agencies have received a Project Request Database Spreadsheet with information pertinent to the R&R Tours due around May 1. 

Followed by that spreadsheet being returned with additional columns making up the Project Impact pertinent to the Bureau's Legislative Budget Office submittal required by Law with said Impact Form due around July 15. 

Beginning May 1, 2012, the two forms were combined. The new spreadsheet will still be used for both purposes; however, it will omit one Report coming due during end of the fiscal year time !

Therefore, please note the:

    *  Database and Impact combined form (aka Capital Needs Study) (shown below)

    *  Inventory of Building (aka Capital Facilities Study through the EIS system) (a different link under Forms for Institutions/Agencies)


Project Request Database Forms (CI-PP-RR for Institution Agencies project requests): 

Deadline: Friday, May 14, 2021.  FY2023-FY2027.   

April 10, 2021, Mass email

2021 Memo from BoB Director for FY2023-FY2027

2021 Instructions for Spreadsheet for FY2023-FY2027

2021 Project Request Database Spreadsheet for FY2023-FY2027 (modified blank form from 2014)        


                    Do Not Use the Spreadsheet from 2014.

                         Project Data Form - DELETED in 2012

                         Project Data Summary Form - DELETED in 2012 because compiled by BoB

                         Project Impact Form - OPENED UP IN THE  Project Request Database Spreadsheet Above