Efficiency in government is more than just a buzz phrase at the DFA OPSCR. It's an initiative that we have taken to heart. OPSCR has an electronic contract submission process that has been in place since FY 2010. During FY 2019 approximately 515 total actions totalling approximately $2.688 billion were processed; while more than 420 total actions totalling approximately $454.7 million were processed during FY 2018. Each action requires a standard set of paperwork, in some cases up to 1,200 pages of printed documents, which then must be delivered to five board members. By creating an online submission portal, agencies now submit their contracts digitally. The board also examines them electronically, and can even view them in advance of the meeting, allowing more time to vet the contracts according to the PPRB OPSCR Policies and Procedures, which saves money in printing, productivity, and time

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