Competitive Bids When Not Selecting Low Bidder



  • Proof of advertisement - Procurement Manual
  • MPTAP Confirmation - Procurement Manual (Does not apply to MAGIC users issuing an RFx through MAGIC)
  • Agencies sending out bids for contracts are required to submit their advertisement to the MPTAP. Agencies can now enter their own information into the “bid bank” through the MDA website.  Once they enter their information, the agency will receive an automated response with a bid receipt and bid #.  You can direct agencies to Mississippi Procurement Technical Assistance Program (MPTAP) / to enter their bid information if you get any questions. 
  • Original specifications sent to vendors
  • Addendums/amendments
  • Tabulation sheet
  • Copy of low bidder proposal/bid
  • All pertinent information pertaining to bid process other than listed (i.e., correspondence, etc.)
  • If not taking low bid, justification on agency letterhead is required from Principal Investigator, which should also be signed by Procurement Director or his/her designee. Copy of any bidders, proposal/bid that you did not select, as well as proposal/bid from vendor selected should be attached.
  • Signed protest letter if applicable