MAAPP Manual Section 27

Section 27 - GAAP Reporting

GAAP Reporting

GAAP Packet Forms (PDF)

Contingent Liabilities Application

GAAP Packet Forms (Excel and Word)

27.20.30 Accrual Worksheet 27.40.15 Leases
27.20.40 Trial Balance Request 27.40.21 Calculation of Amount Available for the Retirement of Long-term Debt
27.30.10 Accounts Receivable 27.40.25 Rental Costs for Land, Buildings, and Office Space
27.30.11 Due from Other Governments 27.40.40 Attorney Letter
27.30.15 Investments and Interest Receivable 27.40.50 Representation Letter
27.30.25 Inventory 27.50.20 Capital Asset Accounts Payable
27.30.30 Loans and Notes Receivable 27.50.25 Construction in Progress
27.30.40 Summary of Accounts Payable and Accruals 27.50.30 Construction in Progress Additions
27.30.45 Accounts Payable and Accruals - Items Not on the E645AG Report or Received Date Report 27.50.35 Construction in Progress Deletions
27.30.50 E645AG Request 27.50.40 Collections
27.30.55 Due To/Due From Other Funds 27.50.50 Intangible Assets
27.30.60 Federal Grant Activity 27.50.55 Intangible Assets in Progress
27.30.65 Federal Grant Activity Transferred In From Another State Agency 27.50.60 Intangible Assets Detail
27.30.70 Federal Sub-grant Activity 27.60.20
Statement of Cash Flows
and Worksheet
27.30.75 Transfers Between Funds 27.70.20 Changes in Assets and Liabilities
27.30.80 Deferred Revenues - Other Than Federal