Fiscal Management

Tonya Gray, Special Projects Officer


Woolfolk State Office Building
P.O. Box 1060 (39215-1060)
501 North West Street - Suite 701-B
Jackson, MS 39201-1113
601-359-3538  Fax 601-359-5525



 Mission Statement

The mission of The Office of Fiscal Management (OFM) is to ensure that “public funds" are correctly expended, recorded, and reported in compliance with the state laws, rules, and regulations.

Our Goals and Objectives

The OFM promotes excellence in financial management and reporting practices throughout State government. The OFM is responsible for providing oversight and assistance to agencies to ensure compliance with state laws, rules, and regulations. This includes providing financial revenue and expenditure oversight, maintaining the records for adequate financial reporting for the State, providing financial and administrative support for agencies to enhance the effectiveness of state agency programs, maintaining the MAAPP Manual, and maximizing the efficiency of operations of state government.

BFC (Bureau of Financial Control)
BFD (Bureau of Financial Documents)
BFM (Bureau of Financial Management)

Payroll Issues

SB2362 Revenue Codes Memo

Year-End Close
Year-End Memo
Year-End Dates
Lapse Processing Letter

Fiscal Management Forms

MAAPP Manual