518 Mississippi Department of Revenue

Mississippi Department of Revenue

(formerly Mississippi State Tax Commission)

Updated: 1/11/19



518-003: Re-Roof/W.Proof ABC Warehouse (CONSTRUCTION)
Professional: Robert Lewis / Architect, Clinton, MS
Contractor: E. Cornell Malone Corp.
Projected Completion Date:

518-006: Loading Dock/Parking Repairs (WARRANTY)
Professional:  Spencer-Engineers, Inc./Consultants
Contractor: U.S. Coating Specialties & Supplies, LLC
Surety: Donald J. Kersey, Companion Property and Casualty Insurance Company, 1301 Hightower Trail, Suite 210, Atlanta, GA, 30350, 404-522-3898
Projected Completion Date: August 24, 2010

518-015: F & E South Pointe HQ (CONSTRUCTION)
Contractor: (FE001) Business Interiors, Inc.
Projected Completion Date:

518-016: ABC Fuel Storage Tank Removal (EMER)
Professional: (PP001) Pickering Firm, Inc.
Projected Completion Date: 

For information on any of these projects, please contact the Professional listed above.  Surety information is provided for projects under construction.